2011 04 15- dolphins and whales playing around with each other Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


We found a pod of dolphins riding on the bow wave of 6-7 whales. Some of the dolphins broke off to ride on the bow wave of our boat, Ocean Potion. While my guest Jeff Pantukhoff drove, Roland and Karen Lines, myself and Camilla took video footage and photographs for about an hour as the dolphins played with the humpbacks who were just as energetic and playful. We obtained over two dozen fluke IDs today which I will put up on a separate entry.


 dsc_0391_edited dolphins_226_edited

 dsc_0403_edited_2 dolphins_187_edited

dolphins_101_edited dolphins_030_edited 

 dsc_0818_edited_2 dsc_0886_edited

Looking at the nostrils or blowholes of a gargantuan humpback and one of the North Atlantic bottlenose dolphins playing around on his bow, or nose wave. Photos by Camilla Stringer.

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