2011 04 17- Seven whales breach simultaneously Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Following a group of seven whales in the Canyon we were afforded a spectacular display as all seven rose out of the water almost simultaneously. The first one was so close to the boat I couldn't get it in the frame. From left to right, they breached almost as one.

whales_481_edited whales_494_edited

whales_498_edited whales_610_edited

whales_677_edited whales_519_edited

Why did all seven whales breach together? It was impossible to photograph all the breaches at the same time, but the breaching went on for several minutes with more than 30 breaches in a matter of minutes. This was the second group of six to seven whales we saw today. I tried to film them in the water but they simply weren't interested, having their own agenda. We also obtained a bumper crop of whale flukes today.

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