2011 04 17 Fluke IDs from today Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
0634_2_bd_2011_04_17_as 0633_2_bd_2011_04_17_as

The photo above right Jooke Robbins has identified at Simian, NAHWC#0453 first photographed in 1985 in Dominican Republic and Gulf of Maine

0633_1_bd_2011_04_17_as 0629_1_bd_2011_04_17_as
For more of the fluke IDs we obtained today, see below...

0622_2_bd_2011_04_17_as 0620_1_bd_2011_04_17_as
0618_1_bd_2011_04_17_as 0621_2_bd_2011_04_17_as
0621_3_bd_2011_04_17_as 0623_1_bd_2011_04_17_as
0625_1_bd_2011_04_17_as 0627_1_bd_2011_04_17_as
We have more fluke IDs from today that are resightings to the previous four years here in Bermuda, or matches to the NAHWC catalogue. If you recognise any of these, please let us know!
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