2011 05 1- Latest satellite positions of tagged whale and 2 more matches to Newfie whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Ten-day track, and two views of the same animal tagged on the Silver Bank in the Caribbean. Looks like she's heading for Iceland or the Barents Sea. Information provided courtesty of Dr Phil Clapham, NOAA.

For the other view see below:



In the meantime or lower-tech Judie Clee has made two more matches of our whales from this season. Our 0449 below left photographed on 15th of April 2006 is NAHWC#7050 first photographed in 1991 in Newfoundland. She has also matched our 0616 below right photographed on 15th April 2011 to to NAHWC#7054 also photographed first in Newfoundland in 1991. We have made 9 matches to Newfoundland whales already this season.
0449_1_bd_2006_04_15_cb_m7050 0616_1_bd_2011_04_15_cs_m7054

Two different ways of 'tagging' animals. One is based on high tech GPS, the other is rather more dependent on grunt work.
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