2011 05 12- What does the Whaleman do on his big birthday? Or, a day in the life of a 2-year old.. Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

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The day started well enough with a 'flocking' by pink flamingoes

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Things deteriorated when Somers started vomiting

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and vomiting

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and vomiting

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I did 5 (that's correct, five) loads of laundry on my big birthday

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Somers was a stoic but coudn't keep any ingested liquids in for more than a few minutes

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Every time I thought I'd caught up with the washing, poor Somers was sick again

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We had to go and get Elsa from school but it wasn't long before Elsa had the stomach bug too...



Here is Somers (photo by Elsa) the evening after she spent most of the night at hospital on an intravenous drip to rehydrate after 48 hours of constant puking. Throughout it all she remained cheerful and didn't complain- definitely not like her father in that respect. It took another three days of vomiting and severe diarrhoea before she came right again, minus a few pounds. It's so easy to see how children in Third World countries who do not have access to hospitals and medical attention can so easily die from a stomach bug like this.

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