2011 05 24- Visiting Dragonland- the second expedition Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


For the second time, Elsa, Somers and I made an expedition to Dragonland. We were well equipped with ropes, compass, pocket knives, water, food, knives and forks, flashlights and bravery. We were trying to find dragons in a secret place only we know about and where no other humans have ever been.

dragonland_007_edited dragonland_017_edited

Some of these caves are hard to find and very deep, dark and scary. Somers kept saying, "I'm scared of dragons," but she kept going anyway.

dragonland_026_edited dragonland_031_edited

When we thought we saw some fiery red eyes and heard a growl, we ran for our lives. Elsa was first out, followed by Somers and then slowpoke daddy

dragonland_041_edited dragonland_049_edited

The expedition was arduous and we explored several deep caves. Above right we saw the deep gouges where dragons had sharpened their claws against the stone. We also saw burnt logs and branches which was further evidence of the dragons, but unfortunately we didn't get any photographs of one


All's well that ends well and after our expedition we went for a chocolate mint icecream

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