2011 08 4- Nova Scotia photos- the first week Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


We spent a week at a small, but lovely cottage, on our way to meet the whales on the Bay of Fundy

2011_07_23_canada_036_com 2011_07_23_canada_039_com

Elsa and Somers want to ride in the enormous trunk of our rental car at Halifax airport but are happy enough to be in the drivers' seats of the enormous shopping cart at the supermarket

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Somers doing her usual acrobatics and feeding the wild ducks at sunset

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Exploring the lake the next morning and Elsa once again kissing a bullfrog in the vain hope it might be a prince. Nice try Elsa!

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Somers trying to unsuccesfully to catch frogs and then attempts the same exercise on foot with two nets instead of one. Same result. Nada

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Cooking planked salmon in the evenings on the bonfire, followed by marshmellows

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On our late evening expeditions by canoe to the outer edges of civilisation we spotted four beavers and three deer plus painted turtles and a really gigantic snapping turtle. Dad decided not to swim naked in the lake. Next morning we saw a rabbit outside our bedroom window

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Elsa and Somers making friends with the tame wild rabbits