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Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Elsa, happy in Canada, out of the heat of Bermuda, where even our whales have disappeared

canada_summer_holidays_022_com canada_summer_holidays_040_com

Elsa adopts a stray dog and throws a stick for it. Meanwhile Somers pretends she's a dog and fetches sticks for me. Both dogs were impervious to the cold water

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Elsa being a scary dragon in the forest and Somers being a nice dragon on the beach, sitting on her eggs in her nest

canada_summer_holidays_990_com canada_summer_holidays_2011_891_com

Both girls managed to squeeze in some horseriding at the local stables

2011_07_23_canada_223_com 2011_07_23_canada_296_com

We even managed a day at the local fair where Elsa tried every single scary ride at the fair and Somers ate the biggest "lilypop" she'd ever seen, until she tripped and fell and cut her fingers quite badly and ended up in the first aid tent. Meanwhile daddy felt like going to the first aid tent after doing the dreaded "Zipper" ride with Elsa

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Everywhere that Elsa went, her sister Somers was sure to go...

canada_summer_holidays_737_com canada_summer_holidays_857_com

When they were good, they were very, very good...

canada_summer_holidays_2011_770_com But even when they were bad, they weren't that horrid

More photos from Brier Island to follow in the next few days...

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