2011 08 16- Brier Island, Bay of Fundy with the whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Elsa's photo of a pair of whales feeding with a whale-watching boat in the background

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Both girls were great whale spotters

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Elsa and Somers managed to avoid being sea-sick, but they both fell asleep on the way home

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During her off hours, Elsa set up a lemonade stand next to the local gift shopwhere she sold lemonade, stones she had hand painted, and copies of our film

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Elsa's accomplice was Noah, the gift shop owner's son. Above right Elsa tries out her sales technique on her little sister but this was a total waste of time as Somers doesn't have any money

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Elsa showing me how much money she made in sales of her painted rocks- that's 10 bucks, not ten cents. She then bought me a gift with her first fifteen dollars- a painting of a whale's fluke

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Elsa feeding the local wildlife above left and above right, the remains of a juvenile humpback whale that had died after becoming entangled in ropes

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We had to drive to Halifax because Annabel had to go back to work in Bermuda so we spent the afternoon with the buskers on the waterfront where Elsa showed her climbing prowess by ringing the bell at the top of a climbing wall and abseiling down



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