2011 08 22 Elsas photos of whales and their fluke IDs Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Photo of a whale watching boat with enthusiastic whale watchers who come from all corners of the world to Brier Island to see the whales
2011_08_09_summer_holidatys_canada_158_edited 2011_08_09_summer_holidatys_canada_185_edited
Above left is HWC#8324 which hasn't been named yet so Elsa is going to submit a name for this whale. On the right is Champagne who looked enormous and is probably pregnant

2011_08_09_summer_holidatys_canada_341_edited 2011_08_09_summer_holidatys_canada_403_edited
Above left is also Champagne taken from a different angle and above right is Tusk

2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_127_edited canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_266_edited

Above left is Egreque, named after the distinctive 'Y' shape on the right fluke. Egreque was born in 2001 and is the calf of a whale called Owl (thanks to Judie Clee and Allied Whale for that bit of information) and above right is Clipper who was often with Champagne and is more recognizable from the notch in the dorsal and the scar on the back from a very bad entanglement

canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_285_edited 2011_08_09_summer_holidatys_canada_400

Above left is Clipper and above right is Elsa's photo of Tusk before I Photoshopped it. All these fluke IDs were made by Dr Jooke Robbins at the Provincetown Centre of Coastal Studies within minutes of me sending them to her for identification!