2011 08 23- Goodbye to Brier Island and the whales and other friends Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Elsa and Somers say goodbye to one of their friends on Brier Island

canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_059_edited 2011_08_09_summer_holidatys_canada_008_edited

Somers feeds a new friend and runs to us when we return from a whale trip

2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_253 2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_161

Elsa looking for whales and ecstatic after another sighting

2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_111 2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_146

Elsa's photos of 10-year old Egreque, Owl's calf born in 2001

canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_330_edited canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_372_edited

Elsa' photo of the whale Champagne above left and my photo of Clipper (with Elsa's head) above right