2011 08 27 Farewell to Brier Island and Canada Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
canada_summer_holidays_1055_edited canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_480_edited
Elsa and Somers at Brier Island- you can tell by their faces how they felt being here

canada_summer_holidays-_brier_island_041 canada_summer_holidays-_brier_island_046

2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_011 2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_028
2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_038 2011_08_11_summer_holidatys_canada_001
Returning from our last trip out on the zodiac looking for whales
canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_074_edited canada_summer_holidays_brier_island_071
Elsa's and Somers' last attempt to sell their wares at their box beside the gift shop

canada_summer_holidays-_brier_island_075 canada_summer_holidays_1453
On the way home, a thoughtful Elsa in the car on the ferry as we leave the island to head back to Bermuda
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