2011 09 24- A whale ID'ed in Newfoundland on July 26th and Sept 19 matched to ours from 2008 Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
cd-jd110726-08 0065_2_bd_2008_05_08_as
The keen-eyed Roger Etcheberry has once again made a match. Here is his email to me with the photo above left which he matched to a fluke ID of ours, 0065 taken on the 8th of May 2008 here in Bermuda.

"We are having a great time here this year although whales are pretty far away, about 20 miles SW of St-Pierre (we spent the day there last Monday ! ). Also a lot of Common Dolphins ! We hope to go there again next week, weather permitting of course.

So, now the match: your 0065 2 bd 2008 05 08 was  was photographed here, same general area, about 20 miles to the SW of St-Pierre on July 26 and September 19. No SPM number yet!"


Above, Elsa at one of my favourite whale look-outs, during one of recent near-hits by a hurricane

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