2011 10 27- Satellite tagged humpbacks around New Zealand- back to square one Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Strange- seems this whale has come back to the place where his transmissions started. What's going on here...?


81126 is still hanging out at the top of NZ. As Dr Phil Clapham concludes, it's probably a male, which means he won't ask directions. He heads south for a bit, then back north. One suggestion was that he was getting better reception on the World Rugby Cup by meandering around... Let's hope he was a Kiwi whale. He is now heading back north... it will be very interesting to see what it does when it hits the northern end of NZ



And my apologies to those who showed up at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art last night to see a screening of "Where the Whales Sing" and didn't know it has been postponed. Nothing I could do about it. Next screening will be at Bermuda College on 17th November, 2011.

This whale has been tagged in a project carried out by Operation Cetaces in collaboration with NOAA and funded by Foundation d'Entreprise TOTAL