2011 10 30 Our wayward NZ whale moves further down the east coast of New Zealand, again! Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   



Our wandering whale moves further down the east coast of New Zealand, still looking for something or someone.Previous satellite positions below



Well, our wayward whale has now decided to head back down the OTHER side of the North Island.  Again! Dr Clapham has decided to call it Jude, after the patron saint of lost causes. A couple of years ago I drove with my daugther Elsa from Hanmer Springs to Kaikura on the east coast of South Island, to spend some days looking at the sperm whales. I couldn't believe it when we were driving along the coastal highway south of Kaikura and Elsa screamed, "Humpback whale!" I stopped the car and sure enough, there was a humpback whale, not more than a hundred yards from shore, swimming parallel to the shoreline. I didn't know there were humpbacks here but was told by the whale watchers at Kaikura that they do see them on occasion. Wonderful sight to behold for those of us captivated by humpbacks


This whale had been tagged in the aim of a project carried out by Operation Cetaces in collaboration with NOAA and is funded by Foundation d'Entreprise TOTAL