2011 10 31- Happy Halloween! Somers and Elsa go trick or treating Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
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Leaving our house. Somers in her 'happy' tiger mask and T-shirt. Elsa wearing the dragon outfit she wore five years ago when she was three! You gotta love a kid who is both so passionate about dragons and so totally unconcerned by appearances that she would don a dragon outfit that only reached her knees and elbows. Her acute sense of dress and fashion she inherited from her parents

Elsa using her wings to fly like a real dragon

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When we returned home, we heard a scream from Somers. Elsa immediately appeared to tell us, "Somers hurt herself and I didn't do it. I wasn't even there!" You can tell how badly a kid is hurt by the length of time it takes for her to catch her breath and for the second follow-up scream to come out. In this case, it took a long, long time, so I knew it was bad when I picked Somers up, her face contorted in pain. After the second scream finally came out, I asked her what happened. "I squashed my nose in the door." Sure enough, there was a nasty purple bruise on the end of her nose. She had been spying on Elsa from behind the door, her nose in the crack and when Elsa approached, Somers shut the door on her nose. Several minutes later, after  soothing kisses on the tip of her nose, she reappeared with Bandaids covering her nose and mouth. Only problem with putting Bandaids on- is they have to come off- especially when you can't breathe properly. Hence the look of anguish on the right as she attempts to rip the super-adhesive Sponge Bob Bandaids off her face
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