2011 12 03- Whale Song book recommended reading in Shetland Islands, Scotland Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The following is taken from our own Bernews website  bernews

"Local researcher Andrew Stevenson's new book about humpbacks in Bermuda's waters is now being promoted as the Christmas gift to get for the Scotsman who has everything.

The country's "Shetland Times" includes Mr. Stevenson's recently published "Whale Song: Journeys into the Secret Lives of the North Atlantic Humpbacks" in its seasonal Christmas book club - allowing newspaper readers to purchase the title at a special discount.

Humpbacks have returned to Scotland's northern waters in recent decades after being hunted to the point of extinction in the 20th century and are now drawing increasing numbers of visitors to the remote Shetlands for whale-spotting expeditions."

'"Andrew Stevenson has followed the whales of the title off Bermuda and his native Canada for more than five years, spurred on by his daughter Elsa who wanted to know why these majestic creatures breached," reports the newspaper. "He has recorded them in audio, video and in photographs - magnificently repro­duced in this coffee table book - which provides a window on their habits and behaviour.

"The text is a travelogue of their journey with his wife Annabel and Elsa. But is not in the least bit self-indulgent. Stevenson has co-authored scientific papers on the species which have contributed to our under­standing of the great grey humpback whale."

"Whale Song" is one of just 24 titles included in the newspaper's Christmas book selection this year."'


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