2011 18 12- Randy Puckett sculpture Northern Journey on loan to Museum at BAMS Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Randy Puckett's beautiful sculpture of three whales, a mother, calf and male escort is now on display at the Museum at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. This is a limited edition of 75 of a sculpture released in 1991. It's dimensions are 40 inches high by 35 inches wide and 28 inches diameter. The sculpture depicts the northern journey of the humpbacks from their calving and breeding grounds in the Caribbean to their northern feeding grounds in the Gulf of Maine, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Larbrador, Greenland, Iceland perhaps all the way to Norway.

This piece of art was part of a silent auction two weeks ago to raise $100,000 for a scholarship fund in memory of Bill Scott, past President of the Bermuda Zoological Society. My daughter Elsa and I bought the sculpture with our prize money from the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art 2011 Charman Prize awarded to us for our film "Where the Whales Sing".

Bill brought this sculpture into Bermuda in 1994 to raise funds for BZS. Deloitte bought the sculpture and had it on loan to BZS to display it in the Museum. When renovations took place at the Museum, Deloitte retained the sculpture and then donated it towards the Bill Scott Memorial Fund.

There is a sense of poetic symmetry to this. When Bill became President of BZS he actively supported the Humpback Whale Film and Research Project. When Elsa and I won the $10,000 Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art Charman Grand Prize for 2011 for our film “Where the Whales Sing”, we wanted to do something meaningful with the prize money. Although we had a number of ideas, Elsa and I have now bought the sculpture with our prize money (and a few groceries) and it is back on display in the Museum, on loan, for a minimum of 30 months. The fact that we have re-cycled our 'whales-as-art' prize money into a BZS scholarship fund for kids in memory of Bill, and also purchased a piece of art based on the humpback whales northern migration, has a wonderful sense of completeness about it.

Elsa and I consider ourselves lucky not only to be able to provide BZS with much needed cash for its scholarship fund to continue their ongoing free schools education program to thousands of students , but also to own such a wonderful piece of sculpture. This is my second Randy Plunkett sculpture, the first I bought in Hawaii in 2008 at Whale Quest, a charitable trust Bill was actively involved in. I met the sculptor Randy Puckett there and was so impressed with his true-to life work that I bought a sculpture he had donated to Whale Quest. That sculpture however I could fit into my carry-on baggage!


I am sure Bill Scott is delighted that the sculpture “Northern Journey”, which he brought into Bermuda in 1994, with Randy, to raise funds for BZS, has now once again raised capital for a scholarship fund in his name. I am equally sure he is also delighted that Elsa and I bought the sculpture with our prize money and have put it back in the Museum.


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