2011 12 24- Christmas Eve Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Elsa camped out and asleep on the livingroom floor in front of the fireplace, hugging a stuffed orca, waiting for Santa. If you don't believe, he won't come and visit...

christmas_eve_003 christmas_eve_020

Elsa and Somers on their last day of school before the Christmas break. Somers sitting on the piano, surrounded by whale sculptures, watching one of her favourite movies

christmas_eve_036 christmas_eve_063

While Elsa, my mother and I went to the children's Christmas service, Somers caught up on a few winks. We made sure the house was lit up so that Santa could find his way. Now we just cross fingers...


Biscuits and milk laid out for Santa, reindeer food and carrots and water for the reindeer. Keira the kitten keeps a look out. In a few more minutes, Santa should be here...