2011 12 27- Another match of one of our whales to Newfoundland Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A fluke ID taken here in Bermuda on 10th April 2010 by Kevin Cross. This has now been matched by Roger Etcheberry in St Pierre et Miquelon to their whale SPM0464 as seen below:


This whale was sighted again recently on October 13, 2011 about 20 miles south-west of Saint-Pierre, in French waters! It takes a trained eye like Roger's to make a match like this but it's dark in Newfoundland (although St P et M are actually 200 kms south of Paris, latitudinally) and cold and lots of incentive for looking through fluke IDs and trying to match them, n'est ce pas? The phot was taken by Simon Detcheverry.

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