2012 04 5- Visiting whale expert Leah Crowe gives talk at BUEI whale camp Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Leah Crowe from Allied Whale is visiting the island to help with our identification of humpback whales. Here she sits in front of 23 children at the BUEI Whale Camp with Andrew and Somers Stevenson. There were numerous and varied questions most of which she could answer, but the one question we couldn't answer was: "Do humpback whales get hit by lightning?" Very good question. Anyone know the answer? The children were so good, and so interested in the whales that we donated each of them, and their class helpers, each a DVD of our film "Where the Whales Sing".

More photos, see below:

cimg5263 cimg5264

cimg5268 cimg5269

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