2012 03 8- Judie Clee makes another match from our 0794 March whale to 1978 off Labrador! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Judie Clee has matched our 0974 to Allied Whale's NAHWC#1356. The photo above was taken by Michael Heslop of Fantasea. This is yet another match from our March whales to 1978 and Labrador or thereabouts. Here is "Cheerio's" sighting history:

8/26/1978 H. Whitehead, off Labrador

3/6/1984   K. Balcomb (ORES), Silver Bank

1992    R. Sears (MICS-YONAH), Gulf of St. Lawrence

1994    R. Sears (MICS), Gulf of St. Lawrence

1999    P. Swanson (via D. Snow, Wildland Tours), Strait of Belle Isle

The picture below was taken by Dai James.


It seems that over and over the photographs sent to us by contributors from other boats have the most interesting matches!

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