2012 04 9- Thirteen more fluke IDs Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

0865_1_bd_2012_04_9_as 0862_1_bd_2012_05_9_as
0863_1_bd_2012_044_9_as 0861_1_bd_2012_04_9_as

click here to access these fluke IDs on Flickr

More flukes below:

0859_1_bd_2012_04_9_as 0860_1_bd_2012_04_9_as_m0647
Leah Crowe matched our 0860 above right to NAHWC#0647, a Gulf of Maine whale called Parens, an '87 calf of Sod
0864_1_bd_2012_04_9_as 0866_1_bd_2012_04_9_as
0868_1_bd_2012_04_9_as 0867_1_bd_2012_04_9_as_m1389
Leah Crowe, who was out with us today, almost immediately matched our 0867 to NAHWC#1389

0870_1_bd_2012_04_9_tw 0869_1_bd_2012_04_9_tw

Tim White sent us the fluke IDs above


And Camilla Stringer noticed that I had mistakingly thought that this ID was the same as one of the ones above and correclty submitted this to make the total for the day thirteen IDs and not ten, as I had thought

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