2012 04 20- Calm weather and more fluke IDs Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
whales_213_edited whales_229_edited
whales_265 whales_292
It was an oil-slick calm kind of day with not a breath of wind. Perfect conditions to look for and at whales and dolphins. The dolphins were riding the pressure wave on the front of the whales until they saw us coming along and proceded to ride on our bow wave. See below

0930_1_bd_2012_04_20_as 0931_1_bd_2012_04_20_as
0932_1_bd_2012_04_20_rl 0938_1_bd_2012_04_21_rl
0944_1_bd_2012_04_21_aff 0946_1_bd_2012_04_19_aff
Above a selection of some of our fluke IDs obtained on the 20th and 21st of April