2912-04-28 Candle and Toro, seen here in Bermuda April 24th 2007 seen together today in 2012 Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
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Candle was photographed by Andrew on April 24th 2007 and again on the 28th of April 2012. For those who have seen the film "Where the Whales Sing", Candle was the whale that I encountered when I was in the water with Magical Whale. Candle was first photographed in 1978 in Labrador and has not been seen since then except here in Bermuda

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Above left is a photo taken by Kelly Winfield in 2005. This whale is called Toro and was first photographed in 1979 in Gulf of Maine. He was also photographed here in 2007 on April 24th, the same day we saw Candle and Magical Whale. When we saw Toro and Candle on the 28th of April 2012 they were swimming alongside each other, on their backs, whacking the water with their pectoral fins. They would seem to be good mates. Do they meet up every year? Most of the whales we see we come by in roughly the same period, but this year we had a major exception- Candle was photographed by me on 23rd January 2012 here in Bermuda completely out of sync with the previous three times we had seen him.