2012 05 5- Satellite-tagged whale reaches its feeding grounds on the Scotian Shelf Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Home sweet home! 87765 just landed on the Scotian Shelf. He came in across the Gully east of Sable Island, and is now hanging out at Shortland Canyon.

Congrats to Amy Kennedy and the tagging team from Silver Bank for documenting another complete migration! And thanks to Dr Phil Clapham for sending these positions to us!

For a close-up view, see below:


This work was carried out by the National Marine Mammal Laboratory (Seattle, WA USA) and Atemar SA with written permission from the Ministry of Environment of the Dominican Republic. Support also came from Jean Lemire (Glacialis Productions, Canada) and Gene Flipse (Conscious Breath Adventures, USA).


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