2012 05 23- One of our March whales is seen near St Pierre-et-Miquelon Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Roger Etcheberry in St. Pierre-et-Miquelon sent us the above photo with the following caption:


"One match, This whale (see photo above) was photographed yesterday close to St-Pierre harbour by Bruno Letournel. This is your 0554 bd".

We also know that this is NAHWC#2823 first identified in 1983 in Dominican Republic.

Our photo of 0554, which isn't that great but was enough for Roger to make the identification, is below:


Above is my photo of 0554 on 30th of March 2011 here in Bermuda. Not as exciting perhaps as watching almost in real time the satellite-tagged whale still foraging on the Grand Banks, but this ID and match is as valuable in showing us that this is a whale breeding in Dominican Republic waters, migrating by Bermuda, and feeding in Newfoundland.