2012-10-29 Photos from our trip to Nova Scotia this summer, the first two weeks Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_076 2012-08-canada_bb_097
Somers, left, excited to go on holiday. On the right, two over-excited kids napping after we arrive in Nova Scotia
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Elsa and Somers as Gargantua and on the right, Honey, I shrank the kids
2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_277 2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_408

Within the first hour at the cottage Daddy tries to follow a more agile Somers as she skips on the rocks and dislocates his finger and has to go to hospital to get his wedding ring cut off

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_467 2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_448

Elsa with her first frog catch of the season and resting up with Somers in the background

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_522 2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_577

Somers and Elsa cooking dinner over the campfire and sleeping outside afterwards

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_596 2012-08-canada_bb_260

One of the above is a squirrel

2012-08-canada_bb_132 2012-08-canada_bb_178

The weather was incredible all summer and the water temperature in the lakes like warm bath water. Somers finds a personal catapault system above right

dscn7217 dscn9623

Somers and Elsa love adventure. Funny that...