2012-10-30 Canada summer holidays in Nova Scotia, part two Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

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The drive along Digby Spit to Brier Island is strewn with signs advertising whale watching outfitters and the politics of salman fish farming, a contentious issue

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_2_327 2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_2_345

Of course the main reason for going to Brier Island every summer are the whales

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_4_045 2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_4_043

Elsa and Somers selling their art (and the DVD of "Where the Whales Sing")

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Examples of some of the art Elsa sold with some success at 50 cents a piece
2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_1018 2012-08-canada_bb_418

Examining the Whale Head Garden over Westport Harbour

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_2_800 elasdscn0087

Left two locals have a few beers while watching the whales in a tinney and Elsa's photo of a calf spy-hopping

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_4_080 2012-08-canada_bb_394

Somers showing off her athletic prowess and with a local friend in her barn feeding the chickens after letting the sheep out of their pens

dscn7050 dscn7028

If there is nothing else to do, we can always go looking for crabs

dscn7210 2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_4_308

When Elsa and Somers weren't selling their wares to the punters on the whale watching boats, they were the punters on the whale watching boats, preferably the zodiac

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_1098 dscn9012

No, Somers isn't feeding the frog to the horse. Elsa and Somers relishing the long Canadian summer days

2012-08-canada_bb_452 2012-08-canada_bb_461

Somers and Elsa practicing yoga or transcendental meditation or something

dscn0005 dscn9970

There is so much to do on an island with a 40-foot tide

2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_3_063 2012_canada_nikon_700_camera_3_369

Our last trip out on the water with the whales before heading back to school in Bermuda


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