2012 12 28 Christmas Day and afterwards Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

077 christmas_nikon_700_082
Somers about to mount the stage to sing a Christmas song and Elsa playing the steel drums at their Christmas concerts

bb_christmas_292 christmas_nikon_700_151

Somers with Santa. Elsa doesn't believe in Santa anymore after seeing her Santa's gift last year, a beautiful dragon, was made in China. Compounding the suspicion was the fact that it was wrapped in the same wrapping paper as other gifts from her parents. On the right, Somers and Elsa dressed in the Christmas Eve service at church for the natavity scene. Somers got stage fright so daddy had to don the purple robe and hat and mount the stage with Elsa

bb_christmas_054 bb_christmas_056
Heading out for a quick look for lobsters

bb_christmas_070 bb_christmas_074
Elsa with one of the lobsters mummy caught and Somers getting out of the way. We take them home and release them at the dock, slowly re-populating Fairylands Creek with lobsters

bb_christmas_120 bb_christmas_161

Christmas Eve seems to drag on forever. Killing time on the rope swing in the back and going for a bike ride

bb_christmas_228 bb_christmas_219

Checking out the fishermen's catch at Devonshire Bay and my sister's place across the bay

bb_christmas_215 bb_christmas_007

Elsa looks for critters on the rocks while an exhausted Somers catches a few zzzzzzs

christmas_nikon_700_164 christmas_nikon_700_174

Finally, the girls are asleep under the Christmas tree with a note to Santa telling him to help himself to biscuits and milk and to the carrots for the reindeer

christmas_nikon_700_171 bb_christmas_317

Christmas Day!!! Yay!!! And later on looking, succesfully, for seahorses. Christmas in Bermuda inevitably has beautiful weather