2012 01 20 Calm days ahead and I will be out whaling as long as Somers recovers Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The outlook from South Shore on a calm day when we can see whales for miles out there. The next few days look promising and if Somers stops puking I will be out there looking for humpbacks

038_sick 044_sick
Somers puked in the middle of the night and as a special treat, got to sleep in our bed with Kira the kitten. I'm allergic to cats, that's why it's a special treat. To the right above some hours later after cleaning all the bedsheets, duvet and bed cover after Somers regurgitated all over our bed
046_sick 045_sick
I did four loads of washing trying to keep ahead of Somers who moved around the house spilling her guts onto carpets, the floor, towels and occasionally a bucket. In the end she slept outside on some cushions in the sunlight to regain some energy. As I write coming up for midnight she has not vomited for some six hours so we should be good to go tomorrow morning. Winds are calm, waves are down and the whales are out there waiting to have their flukes photographed!
009 008_sick
Elsa protects herself from Somers sick germs by putting her favourite fleece on backwards. Funny that. Somers got the germs from Elsa some days ago. This whole scene was narrowly avoided by Elsa's uncanny ability to either hit the bucket or hold it all in until the car stopped and she could open the door
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