2012 01 21- Three whales, two fluke IDs and lots of whale skin and dolphins Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

whales_jan_069_edited whales_jan_164_edited

Eight hours on the water on Ocean Potion with Roland Lines, Geoff Bell, Camilla Stringer and myself. Result? Two good fluke IDs, the one on the left on its own and the one on the right with what looked like a large female, below left. We didn't get her fluke ID but we did get her distinctive dorsal with a large hole in front of the dorsal

whales_jan_185edtited whales_jan_316_edited

Above left the distinct dorsal of what appeared to be a female and the distinct dorsal of her accompanying whale that seemed smallish in size (a yearling?) which is the fluke ID top right. On the way back we came across a pod of dolphins

whales_jan_302 dsc_0059

We saw two breaches and found large amounts of pieces of whale skin as big as six inches across which we collected for DNA analysis. In the meantime Gilly Pitcher reported a mother and calf off St Davids

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