2012 2 29- Twelve new fluke IDs, matches and more underwater footage Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

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0709_1_bd_2012_2_29_as_m7545 0711_1_bd_2012_2_29_as
After 11 hours on the water we managed to obtain at least 11 fluke IDs of which the one above left Judie Clee has already matched to HWC#7545
0710_1_bd_2012_2_29_as 0712_1_bd_2012_2_29_as
0714_1_bd_2012_2_29_as 0715_1_bd_2012_2_29_as

Judie Clee also quickly managed to match the one above left to HWC#5969
0716_1_bd_2012_2_29_as 0717_1_bd_2012_2_29_cs
0718_2_bd_2012_2_29_as 0719_1_bed_2012_2_29_cs
You can access these photos in larger resolution on http://www.flickr.com/photos/whalesbermuda/
Most of the whales we saw today seemed to be a mother with a yearling, an escort and another escort. These were not competitive groups and were very relaxed and sometimes came to the boat when the engine was off. We did however see a very strange-looking whale. It was the size of a yearling but mottled in color. The fluke ID above left was the emaciated whale's. The whale was covered in scars (not entanglement scars), like an old male, and has a pronounced while and pink scar on its lower right jaw, presumably from feeding. Surely a yealing wouldn't get that kind of scarring so early in life from feeding on the bottom. I was fortunate enough to get some video footage and below is a freeze frame from that HD footage


The footage was taken on my daughter's smaller and lighter Gates underwater camera

click her to see footage of sick whale