2012 03 13- a friendly whale plus seven fluke IDs Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

This whale and three others came to Chalrie Kempe's boat Starlet and swam around us. Two of them left (one appeared to have a fresh shark bite out of its dorsal fin) and the remaining two hung around our boat for an hour and half. This whale, which I presume was a large female, had either a large yearling or juvenile with her, kept approaching us head on to examine me from ten feet away, or less. I had hope this friendly whale would roll onto its back so that I could tell what gender it was but unfortunately not. I did get a brief glimpse of the ventral side of the fluke and recognised the unique markings. It is our 0104 photographed here March 27 and again in 2010 on March 21. Interesting that this whale is consistently seen in March. It is HWC#2527.

This diary entry is more than a week late because I have been on the water six out of the last seven days from the 13th to the 19th of March. We have garnered well over a hundred individual fluke IDs over this period with many re-sightings and matches. Fluke IDs from today below:

0720_1_bd_2012_03_13_as 0721_1_bd_2012_03_13_as

0722_1_bd_2012_03_13_as 0723_1_bd_2012_03_13_as

0724_1_bd_2012_03_13_as 0726_1_bd_2012_03_13_as

The one above left has been matched to HWC#8456 by Judie Clee and the one above right is the fluke ID to the whale in the photograph top above