2012 03 14- 16 more fluke IDs in a day in March before the whaling season begins Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
0728_1_bd_2012_03_14_ck 0729_1_bd_2012_03_14_rl
0730_1_bd_2012_03_14_as 0731_2_bd_2012_03_14_as
On Geoff Gardner's catamaran sailboat Windrush in calm weather we spied on plenty of whales.Unfortunately the water was murky and underwater video not so great
Four of the sixteen fluke IDs we obtained today. Some of the others below:
0731_2_bd_2012_03_14_as 0735_1_bd_2012_03_14_as

0741_1_bd_2012_03_14_as 0742_1_bd_2012_03_14_as
0744_1_bd_2012_03_14_as 0747_1_bd_2012_03_14_as
John Gwalthney in Maine has identified the fluke ID above as Veteran or HWC#0557, Gulf of Maine Whale. Looks like a veteran
0748_1_bd_2012_03_14_as 0750_1_2012_03_14_as
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