2012 03 15 Nine more fluke IDs and four sperm whales including a mother and calf Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
On Charlie Kempe's boat Starlet we were on our way home from Challenger Bank when I spotted four sperm whales including a mother and calf. I slipped into the water a couple of times and tried to film them but as soon as I approached they dived. Above you can see the characteristic single blowhole on the left of the sperm whale's head

Some of the humback fluke IDs below:

0750_1_bd_2012_03_15_as 0751_1_bd_22012_03_15_as
0752_1_bd_2012_03_15_as_03_16 0754_1_bd_2012_03_15_as
0755_1_bd_2012_03_15_as 0756_1_bd_2012_03_15_as
0758_1_bd_2012_03_15_as_m1356 0759_1_bd_2012_03_15_as

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