2013 1 12- More humpback sightings today and yesterday 11 Jan off Horseshoe Bay Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Yesterday Kelly Winfield phoned with a humpback sighted off Horseshoe Bay. Today, while bicycling to Clearwater Beach to meet up with Annabel, Elsa and Somers, I was tipped off by Chris Farrow via Michael Smith that there were humpbacks off Warwick Long Bay. An hour later I spotted at least two humpbacks off Horseshoe Bay beach. I didn't have my camera with me. It seemed, from this distance of perhaps a mile and a half, that one blow was smaller and more frequent than the other. A calf or yearling with its mother? Perhaps. Thanks to everyone for making these phone calls to report these sightings of our 'winter' whales. They help us to paint a picture of what these winter humpbacks are doing. Are these whales still heading south to the Caribbean or are they humpbacks that will remain on the mid-ocean seamounts? They can't be whales heading north. Was this a calf born here?

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