2013 1 14- Another three whales off Elbow Beach and one fluke ID and more sightings off SW Breaker Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Our fluke ID from today about two nautical miles off Elbow Beach. There was another whale with this one. Thanks to the keen observational powers of Geoff Bell who saw the back of this whale, but no blow, we headed in the direction he had seen the whale. At this point there was a large baitball of fish. On board the Sashimi we benefitted from a high definition colour fish finder and we could see the ball of fish under the boat. At one point it seemed we could see a whale. We kept on top of this bait ball of fish for 25 minutes and eventually two whales surfaced. Only one whale fluked and we managed to get its fluke ID. They were down again for another 25 minutes with the fish ball still present the whole time. We were on the water for four hours and did not see any other fish on the fish finder except this large ball of fish which was both visible on the surface and on the fishfinder. Often the mass of fish seemed to be on the bottom, around 210 feet as seen on the fish finder. It seemed to us that the whales were herding this school of fish and were probably feeding. We then spotted another whale about 400 yards away to the south.


In the meantime Kelly Winfield found one solitary 1/2 mile out from SW Breaker around noon and then another solitary whale off Warwick Long Bay around 3 pm.

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