2013 01 15-- Classic breeding behaviour with a competitive group of four males and a female Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

A male primary escort blows a trail of bubbles to curtain off the female from two challengers

whales_300_-_copy whales_276
The female foreground with the escort on the other side. Tail slashing to ward off the challengers

whales_444_-_copy whales_598
The female rolls on her back and waves her pecs to stir the boys ardour when they started to flag

whales_719 whales_787
Lots of head lunges and S-turns with bubble trails

whales_848 whales_901
The female gets cut off by her escort and the four whales jockeying for position

The behaviour we witnessed today is the same classic breeding behaviour I've witnessed down on the Silver Bank, the humpbacks preferred breeding/calving grounds. Last winter, in January, we witnessed almost identical behaviour. Is Bermuda becoming another breeding ground? Will calves be born here? Already we have had accounts of 12-foot calves seen here in January by reliable witnesess.
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