2013 01 17- Two more humpbacks seen off Astwood Park while Somers and I spend two days in hospital Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
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Above left, Somers in emergency after 24 hours of non-stop vomiting. Above right feeling a lot better the next day after IV bags had been poured into her. Thursday would have been a fourth day of good weather and Simon spotted two humpbacks breaching off Astwood Park while Somers and I were isolated in a room at the hospital where we were really well looked after by hospital staff
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Somers pushing her IV unit around. She watched the needle go in and the blood being taken out and IV tube connected with interest. I don't know who was going stir crazy faster. We were let out the next afternoon. Meanwhile Elsa checks out the critters in creek at the bottom of our garden during the extraordinary low tides we've been having recently. When we returned home Somers leaned forward from the seat in the back and whispered into my ear, "I love you, daddy. You're all I ever dreamed off. Thanks for staying in the hospital with me so that I wouldn't be scared." Worth taking a day off from looking for whales to hear those heartfelt words from a four-year old
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