2013 01 21- Two or three whales on a dark winter day and the bug gets two more Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The only whale we managed to photograph from Sashimi with David Brown, Geoff Bell, Camilla, myself and Guy Swayne who spotted the two whales (TU) who remained in the same place with 8-minute cycles-- where we could see an abundance of fish on the fish finder. Then the whale above moved northwards for a mile or so before turning west to the edge again

For those following our little saga at home, Annabel came down with Somers' stomach bug the next night, Somers had a relapse 24-hours after getting out of hospital, followed by Elsa the next morning. I was the only one left standing, or rather, on my knees cleaning carpets and kitchen and bathroom floors
The weather forecast isn't good and I don't think we will be out on the water for at least a week
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