2013 01 24-- 24 students come to our Foundation HQ to immerse themselves in whaleology, or something Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The mahogany-tree playground where the kids 3-6 (never too young to convert them) expended their surplus energy

magical_whale_and_class_064 magical_whale_and_class_053
We walked down to the bottom of the garden where the students wanted to see our research vessel, donated by Capital G. Here they asked a whole bunch of really good questions and hopefully got some really good answers in exchange

magical_whale_and_class_106 magical_whale_and_class_103
Holding up the inner ear of a humpback left and studying the skeleton of a Cuvier's beaked whale above right

magical_whale_and_class_130 magical_whale_and_class_147

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