2012 1 29- A perfect day but only two whales and no fluke IDs after 8 hours on the water Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
A calm day with no waves and by 9.15 we were in whale territory off South Shore. We trolled all the way to Challenger Bank and despite the flat ocean and the lack of wind, we found nothing. We were heading back at 4 knots when we spotted a spash a hundred yards ahead of us. There was no blow, just the splash of water off the whales' backs. Throughout these winter sightings we have observed the lack of 'blows' from the blowholes, as if the whales are hibernating and barely breathing. We stayed in the exact area where the whales had surfaced for over 45 minutes but no sign of the pair of whales.

For more interesting photos, see below:
magical_whale_boat_124 whales_055
whales_062 magical_whale_boat_130
Alan Gilbertson on deck as we tie up to Sashimi's dock. Even if we didn't see get any fluke IDs, it was lovely being out on the water on a beautiful winter day in Bermuda
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