2013-02-19 Another match Bermuda to Brier Island with underwater footage of entanglement scars Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
The fluke above taken on 14th of May 2010 off the Southampton Princess Hotel in Bermuda we know is matched to the North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalogue whale NAHWC#0523 first identified in 1986 in Gulf of Maine. Roger Etcheberry has matched this whale from our Flickr site to Brier Island's Flickr site to the same whale photographed August 11th 2008 off Brier Island, Bay of Fundy while we were on Brier Island.

This whale exhibits entanglement scars on its fluke and its dorsal fin as well as the corners of its mouth and on its belly-- photographs taken in Bermuda.
dsc_0177_edited whale_breaching_2_edited
Rope scarring obvious in front of dorsal fin and from the corners of the whale's mouth, above
2015_05_15_male_escort_compressed 2015_05_15_male_escort_2
Still frames taken from footage of the same whale as it swims by and does a 360 to better view me revealing the scars on its belly from the chaffing of ropes
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