2013 03 13- nine more fluke IDs 3 of them re-sightings to Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
0336_1_bd_2012_03_17_rl_2010_03_21 0336_1_bd_2013_03_13_as_2010_03_21_2012_03_17
Above left an image of 0336 from last year, 17th March. Above right taken today 13th March. We first saw this whale on 21st March 2010. Matches made real time by our unbelievable Judie Clee
0359_1_bd_2010_04_05_as 0359_1_bd_2013_03_13_as_2010_04_05
Above left our image of 0359 taken on 5th April 2010 and above right today, 13th March matched by Judie Clee
0736_1_bd_2012_03_15_as_03_14 0736_1_bd_2013_03_13_as_2012_03_14
Above left our 0736 photographed on 15th March last year and the same whale today, 13th March again matched by Judie Clee
1012_1_bd_2013_03_13_as 1015_1_bd_2013_03_13_as
Above left our 1012 also known as Warpaint and above right our 1015 photographed today
1016_1_bd_2013_03_13_as 1017_1_bd_2013_2013_03_13_as
Above left our 1016 also known as Gladiator and above right our 1017 taken today. 1017 is matched to NAHWC0938 also known as Shootingstar. Mathced again by Judie Clee
Above left our 1018 photographed today
Thanks to Michael Heslop and Kevin Fox for allowing me to join them on their commercial whale-watching trip today.
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