2013 03 22- Bad weather so we make some calculations: 635 whales in 7 seasons plus 65 re-sightings Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Frustrating as we sit at home and endure high winds of spring North Atlantic storms. Last year we had great weather the last two weeks of March and identified 108 whales of which only 5 were re-sightings due to the fact that we are not often able to get out during March.

As we sit at home twiddling our thumbs, we have had time to go over our figures and update our catalogue. At last check we have identified 635 whales in six and a bit seasons. This figure does not include 65 re-sightings from year-to-year. The means we have IDed 700 whales in total over these years, with of course 65 of these having been identified previously over this six-year period. Of the 635 individual whales identified in total, 209 or 30% of these have been matched to either the Allied Whale North Atlantic Catalogue, to the Provincetown Centre for Coastal Studies Catalogue, and other catalogues held by citizen scientists shared with us on Flickr. That also means that 70% of the whales sighted here have not been recorded before, to the best of our knowledge.

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