2013 03 29- What do you do when it blows 25-50 knots and you cant go whaling (continued) Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
Find a good place to look for tadpoles
gibbons_019 gibbons_017
Look for and catch the tadpoles and give them to dad to look after
gibbons_126 gibbons_124
Fly and kite and then relax before the Easter egg hunt
gibbons_050 gibbons_030
Hide Easter eggs from your little sister and then get back to flying a kite
gibbons_182 gibbons_179
If you are too little to fly a kite, go back to catching tadpoles and give them to mummy because daddy is trying to retrieve your big sister's kite because you let go of the string. Fortunately the handle at the end of the string got tangled in the upper branches of a palm tree...
gibbons_188 gibbons_189
Even if the weather is so appaling that dad can't go looking for whales, it's not so bad...