2013 03 31 Seven whales caught in action as they do everything possible to get our attention Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
dsc_5692_edited dsc_5701_edited
At least six or seven whales swam at the boat, ducking under the hull at the last second, or lying upside down under or beside the boat waving their pectoral fins at us
dsc_5740_edited dsc_5835
Whales roll over on their sides beside the boat waving their pectoral fins or flukes at us as they stare us down
dsc_5840_edited dsc_5777_edited
Rolling over beside us
dsc_5863_edited dsc_5866_edited
Spyhopping and lunging at the boat
dsc_5885_edited dsc_5872_edited
Looking down the blowhole of a whale as it surfaces on the other side and then lunging at the boat again
dsc_5906_edited dsc_5997_edited
Pec-slapping as the whale approaches. Even if we couldn't see them on the surface we could see them under the boat
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