2013 04 08 12 fluke IDs as we follow 11 whales from Challenger bank to 60 feet of water Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
1088_1_bd_2013_04_08_as 1089_1_bd_2013_04_08_as
The whale above left is a resighting from five days ago- it was feeding some seven miles off Bermuda with another whale
1090_1_bd_2013_05_08_as 1091_1_bd_2013_04_08_as
The whale above left seemed to be a female with a jealous escort. There was a bit of shoving and pushing but nothing terribly serious. We followed these whales for 4 hours 15 minutes from the other side of Challenger Bank to Sally Tuckers and into 60 feet of water.
1092_1_bd_2013_04_08_as 1093_1_bd_2013_04_08_as
1094_1_bd_2013_04_08_as 1095_1_bd_2013_04_08_as
1096_1_bd_2013_04_08_as 1097_1_bd_2013_04_08_as
The fluke above left is a whale we ID'ed 6th April 2010, almost exactly the same day two years ago!
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