2013 04 14 Still sorting through thousands of photos and fluke IDs from last week and 0889 revisits Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   
A whale gives us a good look in the swimming pool-like conditions we had last week. One of the photographers below took the photo...
whales_065 whales_062
Three Nikon D series cameras firing away so we can make our fluke IDs-- it's called 3D. Elsa, right is a professional already! She also loads the photos onto the computer and does the Adobe Photoshop work to enhance the fluke images when we get home so I can make dinner
0889_1_bd_2012_04_15_as_m0122_etcetera 0889_1_bd_2013_04_09_as_2012_04_15
The female above was surrounded by several other whales two days in a row. 0889 is also known as Etcetera and is a Bermuda re-sighting. We photographed her almost on the same day, 15th of April 2012 and the 9th and 10th of April 2013. We had several other re-sightings this week to previous years in Bermuda. Etcetera is a Gulf of Maine whale first ID'ed in 1983
whales_1073_edited whales_1086_edited
Only if the whales were relaxed and curious and came to our stationary boat, we'd ID them underwater
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